Computer Q&A 2024 (24COM007)

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This page will contain a summary of the topics coming up and links to more information covered in the sessions to date. Previous years’ topics are available at the bottom of this page. 

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    Upcoming Topics

    Notes for Special topic “Backup your Devices”

    Initial set of slides (includes how to download and install EaseUS Todo):
    – Colour slides (best for viewing on screen)
    – Greyscale handouts, 2 slides per page (best for printing)

    Slides for week 2:
    Colour slides (best for viewing on screen)
    Greyscale handouts, 2 slides per page (best for printing)

    Term 2 sessions

    Week 1 (18 April) class cancelled – (I have COVID)

    Week 2 (25 April) ANZAC Day – no class

    Week 3 (2 May) – Backup session (overview of the 2-session class at the end of Term 1)

    TopicRequested byExpected date
    Retrieving lost bookmarks
    and where bookmarks are stored:
    Chris H14/03/2024
    Organising bookmarks – using an app like Pocket to manage bookmarks (
    Credit checking with EquifaxChristine14/03/2024
    Facebook Marketplace scams –
    Microsoft Family Safety preferences –
    More on Passkeys
    Buying & installing a new computer and disposing of old onePat
    Recovery codes – how to keep them secure

    Special topics

    Week 1 (8 February) “Security Audit” special session

    Topics by week

    108/02/2024“Security Audit” special session
    Slides in colour – best viewed on screen
    Slides in greyscale, 2 per page for printing if needed
    215/02/2024Security Audit follow-up
    Online banking – safer on computer or phone?
    Banking apps and 2FA
    322/02/2024NO CLASS (Committee of Management meeting)
    429/02/2024Saving an email as a pdf (revision) – Use “save as pdf” rather than Microsoft print to pdf to keep active links.

    Malvertising – mentioned in our Security Audit session. It looks like it’s going to be a significant issue this year. See

    Which ad blocker? – most are “free” but encourage you to donate. See for a list of some of the good ones. I also use Privacy Badger (a bit different from ordinary adblockers).

    Admin vs “user” privileges –

    iPhone iOS17 theft protection –
    507/03/2024Saving an email as a pdf (revision):
    – Gmail uses tags rather than folders (so an email can have multiple tags and appear in multiple locations but only the one email)
    – Hotmail / Outlook uses folders, so only one folder per email copy.
    – If you save a pdf, file it on your computer drive in your folder hierarchy – make sure you have thought this out!

    Organising bookmarks –
    614/03/2024The Royal’s doctored photo

    How much storage for Hotmail? -15 GB of free email storage which is separate from your Microsoft cloud storage. Microsoft 365 subscribers get 50 GB of space.

    Organising bookmarks –

    Error installing security update for Windows

    Managing accounts – Admin vs “user” –
    721/03/2024Backup photos from phone to USB thumb drive –
    Android: also
    iPhone: also and
    828/03/2024NO CLASS (Committee of Management meeting)

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