Computer Q&A 2024 (24COM007)

What’s here

This page will contain a summary of the topics coming up and links to more information covered in the sessions to-date. Previous years’ topics are available on these pages: 

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Zoom link

The Zoom link to the session is NOT here. Please find this in your emails – then make sure you know how to find it in future. The same link will be used all year.

Upcoming Topics

NO CLASS next week 22 February (Committee of Management meeting)

TopicRequested byExpected date
Saving an email as a pdf (revision)Yoko29/02/2024
Which ad blocker? – Pat29/02/2024
Admin vs “user” privileges –
Microsoft Family Safety preferences –
Error installing security update for Windows Eppie 29/02/2024
Credit checking with EquifaxChristine29/02/2024
iPhone iOS17 theft protection –
More on Passkeys
Buying & installing a new computer and disposing of old onePat
Recovery codes – how to keep them secure

Special topics

Week 1 (8 February) “Security Audit” special session

Topics by week

108/02/2024“Security Audit” special session
Slides in colour – best viewed on screen
Slides in greyscale, 2 per page for printing if needed
215/02/2024Security Audit follow-up
Online banking – safer on computer or phone?
Banking apps and 2FA
322/02/2024NO CLASS (Committee of Management meeting)
828/03/2024NO CLASS (Committee of Management meeting)