Get ready to enrol for 2024

Image: Queue for enrolments at the Hub, December 2022

Now that the Course Guides are available, you can get ready for enrolment week. Enrolment opens at 9 am on 27 November for returning members. New members can enrol in the same way from Wednesday 29 December. Here are some hints and instructions on how to enrol.

Enrolling online is fastest

If you don’t feel confident to enrol online but would like to try, come along to one of our ‘How to Enrol Online’ sessions:

  • 23AAEV01: How to enrol online at U3A for 2024– Hub (face-to-face session), Tuesday 21 November, 2 pm – 3.30 pm in Studio 6.
  • 23AAEV02: How to enrol online at U3A for 2024– Zoom (Zoom session) Wednesday 22 November 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm. You will be sent a Zoom link a few days prior to the session.

You’ll need to book at Reception for these as all online enrolments are now turned off.

Hints for easier online enrolment

  1. Get prepared – login and make sure all your details are correct BEFORE 27 November.
  2. Make a list of classes you want to enrol in.
  3. Check the limits on your preferred courses:
    • Restricted courses – only one course in each restricted group
    • First week – only three general courses, 10 computer courses
    • From 4 December – a limit of eight general courses.
  4. Choose the classes you’re going to enrol in first. You can be a bit strategic about choosing which courses to enrol in to begin with.
  5. Be aware that there will be a rush at 9 am on 27 November. While we are doing our best to allow everyone to login, you may need to keep trying.
  6. Use the Filter and search for the courses you want to enrol in. This is faster than stepping through multiple pages.
  1. Add your chosen courses to your Shopping Cart.
  2. Remember to Check out before you close down!
  3. You are encouraged to pay online using PayPal (which is very safe) – no need for a PayPal account. If you are on waitlists for all your choices, or you prefer to pay at Reception you can do this later. Remember to pay before you attend your first class!

Enrolling in person

  1. Join the queue at the Hub from 8.30 am on 27 November.
  2. Take a number. This is your place in the queue for enrolment.
  3. Fill out your enrolment form. Helpers will be available if you need assistance.
  4. When your number is called, you will be enrolled by the duty assistants.
  5. If you are accepted into a class, you are expected to pay on the day. No cash accepted.

Enrolling if you’re going to be away

  1. Collect a form from Reception.
  2. Complete your enrolment form at your leisure.
  3. Lodge your form at the Reception Desk.
  4. Remember these won’t be processed until later on Monday 27 November.


The membership fee for 2024 is $55. There is no additional fee to attend Summer School for financial members except for class materials, where indicated, or entrance fees for excursions.

More help

During enrolment, there will be helpers available to solve your problems, but only in person at the Hub.

  • There is no phone assistance available.
  • You can also review the Membership instructions and help page on our website which has answers for many of your questions and How-to videos.
  • If you still need help, please come to the Hub.

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