Melbourne Cup Eve extravaganza

The Melbourne Cup Eve Afternoon Tea on Monday 6 November was filled with style and a palpable sense of excitement. Guests were welcomed with a glass of bubbly champagne or soft drink and given a Mystery Bet ticket.

Prizes and tasty treats aplenty

We had a table filled with lucky door prizes to be won, and of course, an opportunity for guests to try their luck by participating in the Cup sweeps.

After indulging in the savoury and sweet treats, one of the highlights of the function was the Celebrity Horse Race which had the participants in bouts of laughter and cheerful competition. They were all in for a great time.

Dressed to impress

Guests embraced the tradition of dressing up with vibrant hats or fascinators, and even bright suits or accessorised with binoculars! A fashion parade featuring some of the day’s most stylish attendees was met with applause and admiration. A selection of the fashions can be seen in our feature image.

Infectious fun

The atmosphere grew with anticipation when we conducted our very own Phantom Race. All eyes were fixed on the board as the throw of dice determined the fate of the race. The cheers that followed were a testament to the thrill and excitement of our friendly Phantom Race.

Laughter and lots of excitable chatter created a warm and welcoming atmosphere which provided an opportunity for guests to connect. All in all, the event was truly special with moments of shared joy. See the photo gallery for a taste of the fun.

Paulina Chong
Events & Social Convenor

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