Send your apology if you can’t attend

Image: Sending your apology online is easily done from your smartphone. So you can register your apology wherever you are.

If you are unable to attend classes, please send an apology for any absence, even if you’re only missing one class.

Apologise online

We encourage you to apologise online. You can do this at any time from your smartphone, tablet or computer, even when the office is closed. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Login to the U3A membership system ( using your mobile device (smartphone/tablet) or computer.
  2. Find My Absences in the menu
  3. Choose the courses and dates you will be missing classes
  4. Check the absences shown are correct
  5. Send your apology.

Download this printable leaflet for detailed instructions or see our reception desk volunteers if you need help with the online apology system.

Can’t do it online?

You can send your apology in any of these ways:

  • send an email to
  • ring the office on 9878 3898
  • advise the leader of the class. If you or your leader mark your apology on the attendance sheet, there is no need to enter the apology online as well.

Why send an apology?

  • Your class leader puts in effort to run the class, so you should show your respect and apologise if you can’t come.
  • If you are a no-show with no apology for three weeks, you may find you have been taken out of the class.

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