Summer School 2024

Image: Summer School Coordinator, Athalie Edis (right), presenting a thank you gift to History of Blackburn Lake presenter Anne Payne

Our 2024 Summer School has drawn to a close after four days of excitement in the Hub. Taiji on the lawn started each day of dancing, singing, creating, making, cooking, tasting, drawing, sketching, painting, playing, stitching, quizzing, knitting, learning, listening, and viewing.

U3A is fortunate to have members and guest presenters who willingly give their time and are generous in sharing their skills, knowledge and passions. We are grateful for the preparation and thought each presenter puts into their sessions, providing our members with new experiences and ideas. The positive response from members who attended and were appreciative of the sessions was wonderful to hear.

Summer School photo galleries

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Thanks to all who helped make it happen

Of course, nothing would happen without the many volunteers who worked so hard for many months to provide a Summer School Program for our members. Thank you to the Summer School team – June MacDonald, Kim Gnoc Tu, Lorraine Fowles, Sue Fraser and Valerie Donlon for the planning and organisation that was involved in creating the Summer School. Thank you to Elsie Mutton and Ken Briscoe for managing the class lists, the long wait lists and all the emailing that was involved. Thank you to Bert Lopes and Lindsay Glen for giving their time to provide IT support each day. Thank you to members of the Committee who provided support in many ways and to the Reception Desk Volunteers who kindly offered their time for the special Summer School Reception Desk roster.

Apologies were appreciated

To those members who, when they realised they were unable to attend a class, took the time to put in an apology – thank you. This was helpful, and thoughtful, in knowing that then someone from the long list of waitlisted people could take their place. It also acknowledged the presenters for their work. It is so easy and considerate to put in an apology, online, or make a quick phone call to U3A. It was disappointing that some members enrolled in a Summer School class and did not attend the class, and failed to put in an apology. It meant that waitlisted people missed the opportunity to attend those classes.

It’s easy to send an apology – see the article in this newsletter.

Excursions in Summer School week 2

Summer School has a week of excursions and many thanks to Jenny Hooper, Sue Fraser and Valerie Donlon for leading excursions to The Round, The Jazz Museum, The Old Treasury Building, Rippon Lea and the Johnston Collection.

Summer School gently eases us back into another year at U3A and puts a positive beginning to the year ahead.

Athalie Edis
Summer School Coordinator

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