Vale Sheila Moore – Life Member U3A Nunawading

By Elsie Mutton OAM

Sheila Moore was instrumental in the establishment of U3A Nunawading in 1990. She was Secretary in 1991, President in 1995, and Secretary from 1996 to 1998. Sheila was also one of the stalwarts in getting U3A Network Victoria established.

Inspiring leader and U3A advocate

As a leader at Nunawading, she ran a Hydrotherapy class and started Tai Chi and several other classes. Sheila was a great recruiter in finding and convincing people to join and take a class, which enabled U3A Nunawading to grow both in the classes offered and membership.

Sheila recruited my late husband, Peter, to take a class in Genealogy, a class that is still operating today. Then, she recruited me to become a member and join the committee. Sheila was a lady you did not say no to. She was a special advocate of U3A, always on the lookout in those developing years, seeking out areas that did not have a U3A, but might be interested, or she thought would be better off having one. She received a Seniors COTA award for her work with U3A.

Ongoing U3A commitment

In her later life, she moved to Grantville and of course, immediately started U3A Bass Valley.

In her 94 years, her energy and commitment to U3A never stopped. Even when her body started to let her down, she was still putting pen to paper spreading the good news. Sheila passed away peacefully at Vermont Aged Care; a special lady who will be remembered fondly.

Vale Sheila Moore 6/2/1929 – 9/10/2023

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