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Welcome to the U3A 2024 year! In this update we list a number of class vacancies and new classes you might also like to consider, and there is important information about enrolling online and car parking.

We hope you have been able to find classes of interest to you and we thank our leaders who give their time and share their skills so generously.

Classes with vacancies

There are a few classes that still have vacancies, at the time of writing, in the Computer, Craft, Dance, Finance, Games, History and Humanities categories and in the Languages: Chinese, French Beginner, German, Italian on Zoom, German for Travellers, and Japanese Level 6.

New classes

24ART105: Sketching Outdoors. Monday 12 February 9.30 am to 11.30 am. Leader Rene Carrasco. Sketching outdoors in various locations around the Nunawading Community Hub. This class will be held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. Once you have enrolled the leader will be in touch to advise the venue.

24CRA002: Baked Chinese “Nian Gao” cake. Tuesday 6 February 10.30 am to 12 noon (1 day). Leader Cynthia Au. This Chinese “Nian Gao” uses the baking method instead of steaming. It has a crusty top with a soft and chewy middle. A must for Chinese New Year celebrations.

Extra classes commencing in Term 2

24ART091: Quick lessons in Photography. Friday 19 April 11.15 am to 12.45 pm (3 weeks). Leader Vicki Wilson. This short course is designed to help you take better happy photos; point and shoot.

  • Week one: Making your photos interesting
  • Week two: Composition of the photo and how it makes a difference
  • Week three: The tricks the professional photographers use to make their photos look stunning.

This is a repeat of the Term 1 class.

24EXES09: Lawn Bowls Introduction. Wednesday 17 April 2 pm to 3 pm (10 weeks). An entry-level program for those interested in Lawn Bowls, the outdoor game of skill and fellowship. Accredited coaches will introduce students to the royal and ancient game, from basics up to match play.

24HUM057: Pathways to Inner Self. Leader Keerti Baxi. Wednesday 17 April 2.45 pm to 4 pm (10 weeks). This class seeks to investigate questions pertaining to life and identity by stopping, observing, and steering us towards a positive attitude, harnessing the power of the mind. True understanding is a process to know your powerful self. To know who you TRUELY are inside and how to respond rather than react to what is outside. This helps us to understand one’s self and cultivate willpower. Guided by mind or intellect depending upon choices, it is power to create thoughts that empowers self.

24HUM021: Healthy Ageing. Leader Val Cole. Monday 15 April 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm (3 weeks). Meeting room 5. This course is a brief introduction to nutritional and natural modalities and most suited to those who are seeking an integrative approach to health. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) defines integrative medicines as: the blending of conventional and evidence-based natural and complementary medicines and/or therapies with lifestyle intervention to deliver holistic, patient-centered care. It is meant for general information only not as specific medical advice.

24SCI012: Exploring Space. Leader Vicki Wilson. Friday 10 May 11.45 am to 12.45 pm (3 weeks). There have been amazing advances in understanding our solar system, galaxy and beyond as NASA and renowned scientists explore further afield with their upgraded telescopes and equipment. Our universe is incredible, and Vicki will walk you through the new information found including the on again/off again reasons why Pluto is a planet. It’s only a short three-week course, but it is packed full of “wow factor”, information, and facts about where we live in our universe. In the third session we will have an open discussion about your ideas of what is out there further afield after Vicki has given you what the scientists are saying. Come and join Vicki as she takes you on an awe-inspiring journey of discovery.

Confirming your online enrolments

Please note: if you enrol in a class online by adding the class to your Cart, you must then click on the Cart symbol in the top right-hand corner then click CHECKOUT in the pop-up Cart window. Otherwise, your selections remain unprocessed, and will be left just sitting in the Cart.

Car parking

Please be aware that the parking signage in Esdale Street has been changed. Make sure you read the signs carefully. There is now one hour near the Springvale Road end, then further down some two hour and then further on unrestricted.

Remember parking is available in Luckie street and in the streets opposite the Hub. You can then use the lights to cross safely. Do not park in the car park off Springvale Road unless you have a permit to do so. Both car parks and the surrounding streets that have limited parking restrictions will be closely monitored by the parking inspectors.

Please have patience, especially in the first weeks of Term 1. Patience and consideration make everyone’s life easier.

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