From the Course Admin team

René Carasco’s Outdoor Sketching class on their first outing.

We are fast approaching the end of Term 1, which has been a busy time for our terrific leaders with all the new and returning courses, and for all our members. Judging by the buzz at the Hub, I think everyone is enjoying their classes and the opportunity to socialise. Term 2 is not far away now, and brings with it quite a few new courses – see below for more details.

A reminder that Term 1 finishes on Thursday 28 March (not Friday), and Term 2 begins on Monday 15 April after a two-week break.

Thank you to all members who have co-operated with the Course Admin team while Elsie and Skip have been away, and two of us were hit by COVID for a week. We appreciate your understanding when things get hectic.

Important reminders

  • Do not attend a class unless you are accepted. If you are on the Waitlist, you cannot attend and will be asked to leave. For larger classes, this is a safety requirement as we must limit numbers to the room size.
  • Please wear your name badges at all times in the Hub, and make sure your emergency contact details are completed on the reverse of the member card. This is vital in case of accidents, and is also a courtesy to your class leaders and other members.
  • Apologies: Don’t forget to put in an apology if you are going to miss a class. You can do this by writing “A” on the Attendance sheet, online via your member login, by phone to the office (9878 3898) or by email to . Just use one method!
  • Class Times: Please do not regularly arrive late or leave class early as this can be very disruptive to the class and discourteous to the leader. Members must not enrol in overlapping classes, so make sure you allow 15 minutes between the classes you enrol in.

New classes

We have several new courses starting in Terms 2 and 3 which still have vacancies:

Best wishes for the remainder of Term 1, and for your Term 2 courses. We hope you enjoy the two-week holiday at the end of Term 1.

From Ken and the Course Admin Team of Elsie, Mai, Cynthia, Skip and Ian

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