From the Course Admin team

The end of Term 1 arrived very quickly with the Course Admin team checking that the attendance lists would be as up-to-date as possible for Term 2. We have included a list of classes that still have vacancies if you would like to try something new.

Why is my name not on the class list?

Remember if your name is not on the class list you need to come to the Course Admin office and check if you have been accepted into the class. You may still be on the waitlist.

Name badges

A gentle reminder to make sure you always wear your name badge whilst you are attending any of our classes. Please make sure you have filled out the reverse side too.

New classes for Term 2

There were several new classes offered commencing in Term 2. Seven of these ongoing classes still have a vacancy, see list below. If you would like to know more about any of these classes click on the link to look them up on the website.

  • 24LANC22: Chinese Level 4B. Leader Wooi Chong Chen. Starting Monday 15 April 1.45 pm – 2.45 pm. Continuation of textbook Ni Hao book 5. Other material will be used and provided to complement each lesson.
  • 24HUM046: Numerology (T2). Daily number workout Leader Ursula Kolecki. Starting Tuesday 16 April, 1.15 pm – 2.15 pm. This advanced numerology course identifies how to use the influence of each day to motivate you to take action adding to your life’s satisfaction.
  • 24HUM057: Pathways to Inner Self. Leader Keerti Baxi. Starting Wednesday 17 April, 2.45 pm – 4.00 pm. This class seeks to investigate questions pertaining to life and identity by stopping, observing and steering us towards a positive attitude, harnessing the power of mind.
  • 24HUM073: Psychology, Sociology of Advertising. Leader: David Bednall. Starting Wednesday 17 April, 9.00 am – 10.30 am. Some ads are deceptive, exploitative or harmful. How should society deal with this? How do ads affect decision-making? How do advertisers use psychology and sociology to design their ads and does this work?
  • 24EXES09: Lawn Bowls-Introduction Term 2. Leader: John Blasetti. Starting Thursday 18 April, 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm. This class is an entry-level program for both the novice and the lapsed bowler. Accredited coaches will introduce students to the basics of the game. Venue: Blackburn North Bowling Club
  • 24LANJ18: Japanese Language Conversation. Leader: Yvonne De Sousa. Starting Friday 19 April, 11.15 am – 12.15 pm. This is an informal Japanese Language Conversation group, which aims to build confidence in listening and speaking. Must be at an Intermediate level. Once you enrol in this class you will be contacted by the leader to make sure you are at the correct level.
  • 24MUS026: Guitar Beginners 4 (Modern Guitar). Leader: Luciano Tabacco. Starting Wednesday 24 April, 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm. This class is for students who want to learn to play the guitar and read music, and is suitable for beginners. Members can use acoustic or electric guitar (with pick only). The class will be teaching chords, not finger-picking.

Body Scan

The Body Scan bookings are filling up fast. If you are thinking about making a booking, best to do it sooner than later. For details see the Body Scan article in this newsletter.


If you apologise for not attending a class or taking extended leave online, there is no need for you to advise the reception desk volunteers. Your apology will be marked on the roll.

Elsie Mutton OAM
Course Administrator

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