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Course Administrator, Elsie Mutton, at the New Member Afternoon Tea

Here we are, half way through Term 2. A couple of reminders for you; a note on some issues we’ve had with emails; new classes available in Term 3; and some class leader changes.

A couple of reminders

You can apologise in several ways – but please use only one of these methods:

  • apologise online by logging into the member database and using the Report Absence located in the menu sidebar
  • fill in an orange form at the reception desk
  • mark your absence on the attendance sheet
  • telephone the office.

Thank you to all who are wearing your name badge when you come to the Hub to attend classes. It is so important for us to know you are a member, and if you happen to have an accident, we know who you are immediately. When we had an incident last week the Ambulance people were very impressed that we had all the information they needed on hand.

Issues with Optusnet email addresses

We have had a number of our emails to members returned as ’temporarily undeliverable’, affecting Optusnet email addresses, ie Optus cannot deliver the emails.

The message states that this is temporary, but the particular message will not be delivered. It can be up to a week before we are advised of the issue, so it is usually too late for us to resend. Apologies if you’ve missed emails, but there is little we can do about the Optus issues.

New classes commencing Term 3

See full description on the classes page of the website.

  • 24ART026: Digital Art Group. Short course. Monday, 10.45 am to 12 noon, 15 July to 16 September. Leader Paul Maguire. This group is about exploring and producing digital art, either by digital drawing or photography, realistic or abstract styles. There are no artistic rules for what you must do. No experience is necessary, but participants are expected to have a reasonable understanding of the software they are proposing to use. The software you use will be your choice, although commonly used and usually free software is probably suitable. Please bring your own laptop, tablet, or phone as your work surface.
  • 24EXES13: Lawn Bowls, Term 3. Short course. Thursday 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm, 18 July to 19 September. Leader John Blasetti
  • 24HUM025: Improve Pain Management. Short course. Wednesday 1.45 pm to 3.45 pm, 17 July to 11 September. The Leader, Neil Reid, shares his recovery from chronic pain along with his knowledge and experience as a myotherapist.
  • 24CRA013: Bonsai Workshop. Short course. Friday 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm, 2 August to 9 August. Leader Victor Byrdy. Over the course of the two sessions, we will work on your Bonsai doing seasonal work, autumn, then winter and spring. There may be an opportunity to modify or improve your Bonsai.
  • 24HUM031: Keep your Brain Active Terms 3 & 4. Tuesday 9.30 am to 11.00 am, 16 July to 19 November. Leader Tom Edwards. This class will make you think, but it will not be stressful, it will be great fun.
  • 24HUM052: Numerology Make every day count. Tuesday 1.15 pm to 2.15 pm, 16 July to 10 September. Leader Ursula Kolecki. If your aim is to benefit from more go with the flow energy, then recognising the influence of numbers can offer you a more satisfying and peaceful life.
  • 24SCI003: Good Bugs Bad Bugs. Thursday 9.00 am to 11.00 am, 18 July to 19 September. Leader Geoff Best. In this class you will be introduced to the basic concepts of microbes (fungi, bacteria, and viruses) and their interaction with humans in the home.
  • 24CRA025: Crocheting Intermediate. Monday 9.15 am to 11.00 am, 15 July to 18 November. Leader Alison Phillips. Students will be expected to have at least basic skills and be able to read patterns and charts.
  • 24CRA031: Knitting intermediate. Tuesday 11.45 am to 1.30 pm, 16 July to 19 November. Leader Alison Phillips. Students will be expected to have at least basic skills and be able to read patterns.
  • 24ART097: Quick Lessons in Photography. Friday 11.15 am to 12.45 pm, 19 July to 2 August. Leader Vicki Wilson. This short class is designed to help you take better happy photos; point and shoot. Learn the tricks the professional photographers use to make their photos look stunning.
  • 24SCI014: Exploring Space. Friday 11.15 am to 12.45 pm, 9 August to 23 August. Leader Vicki Wilson. Our universe is incredible and I would love to walk you through the new information found including the on again/off again reasons why Pluto is a planet.

Class leader changes

There have been some changes in leaders in Term 2. Thank you and welcome to Sandy Ulrick who has taken over leading the Belly dancing experienced class when the Leader Maria Makrides decided to retire, and also, Wooi Chong Chen, Chinese Level 4B, when Kheng Lau decided to retire. We will say farewell to Maria and Kheng at a later time.

A number of our leaders have been unwell or on holiday, thank you to members who have filled in and enabled the class to continue.

Elsie Mutton OAM
Course Administrator

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