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Photo: Elsie briefing the class leaders for 2024

Welcome back to classes for Term 1!

Term 1 started off with a real bang, with the Hub once again full of members going to and from classes, chatting, finding their way around, and settling into their 2024 classes. A very hectic week for the Course Admin Team (Elsie, Ken, Mai, Cynthia, and new member Ian), and for the Reception Desk volunteers who did a terrific job handling hundreds of queries.

Thanks to our Committee Duty members for all their help, and to the Hub Council staff who helped get rooms set-up ready for the rush, and to Lindsay and Bert, who managed to keep the AV facilities working.

Course Admin team changes

As many of you know, Elsie is now away on a five-week holiday to South America and Antarctica, and Skip is travelling as well for the rest of February. Ian and I took the second week of term off with COVID, leaving Mai and Cynthia to hold the fort – and they did a great job. Thanks! There may be delays in handling some requests for the next few weeks – please bear with us.

Class leader briefing

Our Leaders’ Induction function had almost 150 attendees. Class lists were handed out and the leaders have since worked with Course Admin to reduce waitlists and to give as many members as possible at least one of their preferred classes. A huge thanks to all our leaders!

See the photo gallery from the class leader briefing session.

Settling in for the new year

Once again, we have just over 2500 active members, with members not returning being replaced by ’new blood’ – essential to keep U3A alive and healthy. Welcome to all our new members.

Of course, this means a lot of popular classes have long waitlists (as always). Some are closed to new enrolments completely. Members do leave classes and create vacancies, so please keep an eye on your emails for notification if you are accepted into a class or offered a place.

Class vacancies

The following are new classes with vacancies:

  • 24LANC22 Chinese Level 4B (Wooi Chong Chen) starting 15 April
  • 24HUM057 Pathways to Inner Self (Keerti Baxi) starting 17 April
  • 24EXES09 Lawn Bowls Intro (Term 2) (John Blasetti) starting 18 April
  • 24ART091 Quick Lessons on Photography (Term 2) (Vicki Wilson) starting 19 April
  • 24SCI012 Exploring Space (Vicki Wilson) starting 10 May – a new three-week course

A range of other classes with vacancies include several Computer and Digital Technology (CDT) classes, Jane Austen, Chinese Chess, Ballroom Dancing (Practice), Psychology of Advertising, Sketching Outdoors, Military History, Table Tennis, Family History Genealogy, Garden Volunteers, Yoga Beginners, Golf and more.

The Gardening Group, which looks after the Community Garden at the rear of the Hub, is open to new members. Enrol in Code 24AAVOLG. The group will all meet on the first Monday of the month at 10am to plan the coming month’s activities.

Body Scan sessions

The popular Body Scan sessions run by Aqualink at the Hub will return in late April. More on this, including booking information, will be in the next newsletter.

A few reminders from Admin


Please put in an apology if you can’t attend a class even if just for one day. You can do this:

  • online via your member login, under ‘My Absences’
  • by phoning the office, or advising the Reception Desk in person
  • emailing
  • You can also mark your apology in advance on the attendance sheet or ask the leader to do that for you – just put an ‘A’ in the columns for the dates you will be away.

But please note – you only need to use one of these methods! For example, if you’ve put in an online apology, that’s all you need to do – the leader automatically gets notified and Reception will update the sheet.

For extended absences, either record them online, or fill in a blue form at the Reception Desk.


You must not attend a class in which you are not enrolled. If your name is not on the Attendance list, please do not just write it on. You must come to Course Admin to check your enrolment as you may actually be only on the waitlist.

Name badges

U3A Nunawading name badges must be worn whilst you are at the Hub, or attend a class outside of the Hub. If you have left your name badge at home, you can ask for a temporary stick-on one.

Class times

There is at least a 15-minute break between each class. When a class finishes, the members of the class have seven minutes to vacate. If you are in a class that follows, please do not enter the room until the correct start time.

Please arrive at your class on-time. It is discourteous to the leader and your fellow class members to enter once the class has commenced.

Membership fees

If you have not yet paid your membership fee, please do so before your next class.

Car Parking

Yes, the Esdale Street car park can be full and you may have trouble finding a parking space there. As with Silver Grove, the car park will never be big enough for the busiest times of day.

To help with limited car parking at the Hub you can:

  • Avoid the main car park completely and park in the local streets. There is Esdale, Sandy or Luckie Streets on the same side of Springvale Road (check for restrictions) and Tunstall, O’Shannessy or Nicholson Streets on the other side of Springvale Road (there are restrictions on one side of each), and cross at the lights.
  • Or why not park 15 minutes away and get a 15-minute warm-up walk before your exercise class?

This will leave more spaces for those members who can’t walk far or have a lot of equipment or material to carry.

Do your best to free up a car space for those who need it

  • We encourage members to socialise after class, but if you are parked in the main car park, perhaps cut this activity short, or arrange for the class to catch-up at a coffee shop.
  • If you don’t have a disabled sticker, do not park in the Disabled Spaces – you will be booked.

Best wishes for Term 1.

Ken Briscoe, Mai Roff, Cynthia Au, Ian Grayson (with Elsie Mutton and Skip Lam, in absentia)
Course Administration Team

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